Auto Monday – the Legendary Chrysler Hemi

v8 hemiThe Chrysler Hemi engine has become a legend and an eyebrow raising subject with the mere mention of the name. This powerhouse engine was produced in three generations from 1951 up to the present day. The one unique advantage that this engine has over other wedge engines is the shape of the top of the combustion chamber in the head. The domed head provided for more efficient fuel combustion and increase in horsepower.

This design, as great as it is, comes at a price. It was traditional that hemi engines were heavier in weight by over a hundred pounds and the fuel consumption was high. But back in the muscle car era that hardly mattered with gas prices at 36 cents a gallon.

Today we have another generation of hemis with us since its reincarnation in 2003. The engineering and technology built into these engines seem to be inspiring a new wave of drivers who ust have to have a hemi.

From the first 331 cubic-inch hemi through the 392 and the 426, the hemi’s legend was cemented in the annals of automotive history.

We have a nice gallery featuring different hemi engines, vehicles with hemis and some videos.

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Hemi Documentary

Hemi ads

I remember hearing years ago that Big Daddy Don Garlits took hemi and sawed it in half to make a V4 engine. This next video is just as odd.

Mini hemi

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