Weekly Babes

The new babes are up and it’s more of the same but very, very different. As usual, we have a trio of cuties that will warp time and space in your man-brain continuum.

picture 35Our PFoW is stunning young woman who looks as if she’s trying to hypnotize us. Especially after you magnify the pic. Never fear, there are too many other distractions to divert our eyes.


picture 125Our BotW babe is posing coyly next to an opened umbrella. Lonely perhaps. Think it’ll rain?


picture 28The NorN girl for this week frolics with a green inner-tube in the pool. Go ahead. Dive in. The water’s fine.


picture 33Last week’s NorN babe had a two-thirds majority from the Not Natural side of town. Maybe it was her eyes that did it.

picture 126

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