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I finally renewed the domains with GoDaddy. .org .net and .info are ours for another year. Expect more of the same, only better. Or worse, depending on recent flu outbreaks, ComCast or other Internet disasters. I kept the privacy proxy server for another year as well. Next year, we’ll reconsider.

With the unpredictability of my work schedule at the ol’ warehouse, I have, as you may know, been posting for the day ahead. This relieves a little of the time constraints each day. I usually know how many hours I’m working for the next day when I show up for work on the present day. I had been scheduling the posts for 9 AM the following morning, but judging from stats from SiteMeter, I’ve bumped it up to 7 AM CDT. No now, depending on where you live, you can pay is a visit while chowing on bacon & eggs or Cheerios. Even on Sundays.

With Sundays in mind, I really don’t have any concrete evidence that the Slinks are doing any good. It’s just my hope that they’re accepted as part of the online SPT experience and that they’re enjoyed as well as the weekly posts are.

I expect that with the warm weather here, readership will drop off. That’s entirely understandable. SPT will still be here for when you have time for updates and your fill of humor and car stuff. We’re here every day of the week in some form or another, so check up on us when you can. You’ll always be invited as long as we have the lights on.

In our personally generated images, I started substituting our USB sixpack logo. It makes it a little easier and quicker to get the images the way they should be. From now on they’ll be in each picture that I’ve taken with my camera somewhere in a spot that’s unobtrusive. The logo ain’t perfect, but it’s mine.

picture 27I’ve been checking in with our own Google Analytics from time to time. It appears that many, many of us like the babes, especially the Humpday Honeys. I’ll remember to categorize those Wednesday posts with boobies or butt if the feature features that. Denise Milani, Lucy Pinder and Elita Lofblad are still quite popular. The Pretty Faces are well accepted and are now part of business as usual.

I like the subset of noisy Fridays as well. It’s sometimes hard to get the right video with the right sound, but I try. Auto Mondays have been well received. If you have a car model that you think would fit in, let me know, I’ll try to make it happen.

I’ll be taking the day off on Memorial Day. Look for Monday links if you happen to visit over the holiday.

We’ll be hangin’ in there throughout the summer months and we hope you don’t forget about SixPackTech.

Yeah, here it comes again… Get a free SixPackTech sticker and stick it somewhere. Free. My dime. Send a picture of your car. Free. Your effort.

I’d like to put in my two cent’s worth about other beers. I have tried some other beers off-line and I want to say that the following brews will not be reviewed here at SPT: Heineken, Corona, Beck’s, Amstel Light. These are bottle beers and smell skunky when drunk from a glass.

picture 34

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3 Responses to Site Specific

  1. fretwalker says:

    “the following brews will not be reviewed here at SPT: Heineken, Corona, Beck’s, Amstel Light. These are bottle beers and smell skunky when drunk from a glass”

    Well, d’uh! I hope you drank them on somebody else’s dime!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    The Beck’s I got from a brewery rebate and it basically was free. And crap. I bought some Amstel Thursday, had 2 and the rest remain. My son used to drink Corona so that’s where that came from. The Heineken I just heard about from guys at work.

    Foster’s ranks down there as well.

  3. fleetflatfoot says:

    Whatever you guys don’t finish, leave for me. I envision only the finest consumed by you two connoisseurs.

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