Weekly Babes

A new week will be upon us and hopefully it will pass quickly. Our usual procedure for a Saturday night is drink beer and look at the new babes. So here we go with the babes.

picture 26Our PFoW lass is a lovely, curly, brown-haired lady with eyes that can bore a hole in the manliest of men.


picture 118Our BotW babe is on the beach supporting a tree until help arrives.


picture 33This week’s NorN girl looks as if she just woke up from a snooze in the field. But are all the surroundings in their original state?


picture-32Last week’s NorN babe had a large Naturalist front going for her. She was voted as being completely organic and home-grown.

picture 119

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One Response to Weekly Babes

  1. fretwalker says:

    I had my doubts, but she’s just too asymetrical, unless she could afford only one! Can you make the right one look like the left one for less than the price of a Kia?

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