Auto Monday – Chevy Trucks

chevy-trucksChevy trucks seem to have been around forever. 1911 was the year that Chevrolet became a company and by 1918, Chevy was producing trucks to supplement their automobile line. From wooden cab models to regular sheet metal, these trucks hauled goods and passengers all over.

Through the years, the Chevy truck has done battle with the Ford truck and we, the consumers, benefitted from it in the long run. Today, regardless of how old your Chevy truck is, you can find parts for it. From original replacements to speed and custom goodies.

In today’s times, all the car companies are in trouble. As for GM, they had to discontinue the Pontiac line of cars, this following on the demise of the Oldsmobile. One puzzling thing about Chevy trucks though. What’s the difference between a Chevy Silverado and a GMC Sierra? I’ve been told that the difference was just sheet metal and that both trucks were built on the same assembly line at the same time by the same workers. This should be an area where GM cold slim down and produce one sensible model.

Granted, Chevy trucks are built “like a rock” and last forever but GM must preserve this stalwart model line.

We have a nice Chevy truck gallery coming up next.

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Chevy truck museum tour

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4 Responses to Auto Monday – Chevy Trucks

  1. Paul says:

    In the 1950’s GMC trucks were built at the Pontiac factory. The also took some styling cues from Pontiac.

  2. fretwalker says:

    Difference between Chevy & GMC: Historically, just badging, up to 1 ton. In any given segment, to preserve GMC’s cachet as a truck division, the heaviest-duty vehicle wasn’t available as a chevy, and the lightest-duty chevy truck wasn’t available as a GMC. For example, the Chev El Camino had some passenger car amenities that couldn’t be had on a GMC Sprint, but the top payload/towing package on the Sprint was a notch above the El Camino’s… and so on…

  3. fretwalker says:

    And for some reason, one of my all-time favorite bands pops into my head as I look through this gallery:

  4. Great cars. Love the variety of colors. Well, I think it would be a delight to see all those in one car show!

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