Auto Monday – Goodbye Pontiac


GM is readying plans to ditch its Pontiac brand, an 82-year-old division that last flourished selling sporty, muscle cars and wide-track family sedans.

During its heyday three decades ago, Pontiac was the launching ground for young auto designers and executives including John DeLorean. But its sales have tumbled 70% since their peak in 1978, and the unit in recent years has been a steady money loser.

GM’s last automotive division to be eliminated was Oldsmobile in 2000. That decision cost GM billions of dollars in dealer-buyout costs, led to messy litigation and frayed many relationships with dealers and buyers.

It’s sad to see this icon of performance and style fade away like so many other long standing emblems of automobilia. Pontiac and GM have fallen into that old-time mindset of giving the customer what they think he needs rather than actually listening to him and giving him what he wants. Ford and Chrysler are also in the same quandary.

So it’s farewell to an old friend. So long, Pontiac and thanks for the ride.

We have a nice Pontiac gallery coming up next.

(Some text excerpted from the WSJ.)

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In no particular order, we give you 80 years of Pontiac.

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2 Responses to Auto Monday – Goodbye Pontiac

  1. fretwalker says:

    Should’ve seen this coming, when the 2010 Camaro was announced and no Firebird!

    Besides pulling the plug on Pontiac, they’re selling Saab and the future of Saturn is in doubt at the end of the current product cycle.

    What really hurts is the loss of 21,000 jobs!

  2. fcgrabo says:


    Good riddance to the Hummer as well.

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