picture-112Entirely shot on a RED camera for a USC graduate thesis, Turbo is a high-adrenaline 20-minute short movie featuring Hugo Park (Justin Chon, Twilight,) a misspent youth whose only outlet for angst is a 4D fighting video game called “Super Turbo Arena”.

A four man team called Ember Lab completed the visual effects work over five months, mostly using After Effects for compositing, plus some work was done in Illustrator (2D assets), Maya (3D assets) and Shake (more compositing) . The team drew its inspiration from Punch Out, Street Fighter, Karate Kid, and Tron to create their vision of the future of gaming, including motifs like health bars while enhancing real world colors with 80s neon.

Turbo will premiere in the L.A. area on April 30th. More info here.

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