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We are still here. All of you SPT readers have come back to visit day after day and told your friends, which is as it should be. And I thank you from the aorta part of my heart. Our readership is up slightly, still poking through the 300 visits per day level.

Let’s have a look at some activity, and all of this is interesting:

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What you are looking for:


What does all of that say? Geeze, I dunno yet. We all like babes, boobies, more babes and cars and videos. That’s represented right there in the above graphic. Firefox is strong and IE is right up on top. What of it? What does it mean? These are all rhetorical questions that we can ponder and perhaps debate for days. But those results are just for the past week. The future is ahead.

What can we look forward to on SixPackTech in the future? I’d like to do another weeklong series of something like what we did with the John Cleese posts. It does take a lot of planning aforethought, however. But I like to do those running posts because I like ’em and I’m sure you guys would as well. Keep a keen eye out as the days go by.

I haven’t got off my ass yet to upgrade to Cutline V1.4. I pound away on a daily basis putting up with the old nuances. But I assure you that’s it’s in my head and on my mind, if only to make my job easier putting up six posts per day. It’s still on my list, and I believe it will be a bear of a php and css editing job. Time consuming.

The DiggBar is is sitting uncomfortably with many websites. It wraps a website URL into a Digg frame and shortens it to keep it on Digg rather than refer to the originating site. It’s hard to explain, but precautions have been taken. I have installed a plugin to ensure purity. As John Gruber from Daring Fireball exclaims, “It’s total bullshit.”

The damn Man Law widget hasn’t shown anything new in a week. How manly is that? I’ll monitor them until I have to shitcan their widget.

As far as the maturity aspect of the site is concerned, I am very comfortable with with our weekly repetitive features. I enjoy posting the Tuesday pics, the Humpday Honeys, the comics and the Photoshop Phonies. But I want to do something more for for you. And for me. I have finally grasped the aspect of patience. Good things will come as long as we can wait just little bit more.

I have recently sent out a SixPackTech sticker to a reader in Australia. That goes one better than the one sent out to England not too long ago. You can get one too. Just email me. See if you can find the address. It’s here on the site. Somewhere.

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