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Things are chugging along quite well here at SPT, considering. Next week, Sunday, April 12th, we will have been self-hosted here at and HostGator and WordPress for one year. I hope to make some minor changes to things for the occasion, like a new header and some new thumbnails for our weekly babes in the sidebar.

monkeywrenchWork, however, has thrown a monkey wrench into the daily schedule. In an effort to cut down on costs, they’ve scheduled the day and afternoon shifts for a four-day, 10-hour week with Friday off. This is all well and good but how does that bode for my daily posting time? I’d be getting home at 1:30 in the morning with my head hitting the pillow at 2. I’ve gooten into the routine of trying to get all the daily posts up by 10 a.m. CST. The stats show that the majority of visits peak at 10 a.m. and then dwindle down to 10 p.m., so I know that some of us are waiting for the new stuff to get it fresh. My only alternative is to post ahead by one day. Since this is not a late-breaking-news site, things should look the same for everybody. Don’t worry. It’ll all be good. I am thankful that I’m still employed.

I’ve given up on the idea of migrating over to Squarespace. It would be too much of a hassle and I enjoy the minimalistic challenges and the wealth of opportunities that WordPress offers me. I’ll stick with the Cutline 3-column split, present v1.1 theme until I find the time to upgrade to version 1.4. That requires editing a number of .php files so that the look and feel remains the same.

We’ve been getting more pingbacks on posts every so often from some weird sites. I’ve investigated their IP addresses and found out that some of them are just like bot post aggregators. If I find out that they’re not a legit themed website, I delete the comment as spam. In the same vein, I’m so glad that we have Akismet, the spam comment blocker. It collects all the suspected spam comments and holds them in its tank. Then I can just click a button and delete ’em all. To date it’s blocked over 4,800 spam comments on SPT. All hail Akismet. Huzzah!

Even now, we are still maturing. The site to me feels tight and neat. I know exactly how everything works in the SPT engine room. As guys go, however, we could always use more horsepower.

I’d like to do another video this spring or summer, a comparison brew review. For instance, Dragon’s Milk versus Pere Jacques. Or finally get into tasting Trappist ales. Or maybe even something different. As is our lifestyle, it’s bound to be informative and funny. That’s the way we are. Outtakes are our forte.

Readership has grown to an average of over 300 visits a day. Not big by a long shot, but big enough when you think that in our first month here we had an average of 23 daily visitors. In search, Google has SPT first for Humpday Honey, first for Photoshop Phonies and third for Auto Monday. I must be honest, I like what we are doing here.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll be trying something new in the Slinks, or Sunday Links post. There will still be a sixpack of links from out on the Net somewhere. In addition, I’ve added three links from from our own SPT archives on this site as well as three links from the old SPT Blogspot site. There’s a lotta good stuff there that I’d like to share. No sense in reposting. Then one day I may just do away with SPTdotBlogspot.

Here it comes:

I will send you a FREE SPT bumper sticker using my own envelope and my own 42¢ stamp. All you have to do is send an email to: and I’ll mail you a sticker that you can affix to your toilet or your car bumper or your cat. What have you got to lose? It’s FREE! Entirely made in the United States of America.

Send us a jpeg image of your car. I’ll put it in Reader’s Rides where we can all ooh and aah at it or just look and laugh or think, “I wish I owned that.”

Send a donation by clicking the button in the lower right sidebar. To date (both sites,) I’ve received a total of $3, from which PayPal took 67¢ for fees. I am vindicated. But I could use some more vind in my cation.

All in all, I’m very glad we’re here. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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