Auto Monday – A visit to Jay Leno’s garage

jaylenolgThe late night comedy shows leave you only two choices: Leno or Letterman. Love ’em or hate ’em, most people watch one over the other but both are doing quite well. The one factor that puts Leno over the top is his penchant for collecting cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles of all sorts.

Jay Leno’s garage has about 17,000 square feet with a fully functional machine shop. The garage is geared up to fabricate parts and do just about all required work in house: a CNC Mill, a water jet cutter, sheet metal equipment, a lathe, a regular mill, and welding equipment from Tig and Mig to name some shop highlights.

Jay’s collection of automobilia spans 100 years of automotive history. The oldest cars are a 1906 Baker electric car and a 1906 Stanley Steamer, while the newest is a 2006 Corvette. The collection also has a number of rare cars, such as a Monteverde, a Bugatti Atlantic, and a turbine motorcycle.

To keep everything in proper running order, Jay employs a crack team of mechanical wizards who are adept at fixing, restoring, and customizing just about every type of vehicle imaginable.

For today’s Auto Monday feature, we are presenting a set of six videos gleaned from Jay’s garage website. They’re just around the corner.

1956 Chevy Nomad

1966 Dodge Coronet Hemi

Boss Hoss

Tank Car

Nissan GT-R

Monster Bike (It’s not really his, but it’s very bizarre.)

Visit Jay Leno’s Garage on your own here.

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