SSD speed demon

256ssd2SSDs, or solid state drives are the wave of the future. Some computer manufacturers are offering them today in some models. The advantages are that they’re much, much faster than the typical mechanical spinning platter drives and that the’re extremely quiet and durable. No moving parts. And fast. Did I already say fast? The disadvantage is that, like any new emerging technology, they’re quite expensive.

A promotional video was created for Samsung by some marketers and an English tech-weenie to demonstrate the amazing awesomeness of these ssds. In the video below, 24 256GB ssds are strung together in a RAID array attached to a Windows box with 2 quad core processors yielding 6 terabytes of storage with an access speed of 2GB per second. They fired it up… and the awesomeness began. Have a look.

(Submitted by Eric.)

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