madscientistI’d like to take this opportunity to let you all know that we have an addition to the annals of SixPackTech. In case you were unaware, we have, and have had (English. What a goofy language) the means to make our own beer at home. Our first batch, which was brewed on Jan. 31, will be done with the final bottle fermentation next weekend. It will be savored and critiqued to no end. Of the 49 resulting 12 oz. bottles, many will be given away to people. All will be drunk. (English again.)

I have given this topic of Homebrew much thought as to how I can incorporate it into the site. As much as I am interested in this wondrous beverage, how can I present my experiences and my enthusiasm about homebrew to the readership without boring the crap out of half of them? I decided to create a new category called homebrew. Those who are interested, can read the posts as they happen. Those who are not, can just skip them and come back later if so desired. This topic will not be a regular weekly post. It will happen when it happens.

Brewing beer at home takes time, preparation and effort, a little bit of science and some tech. How apropos. The equipment involved is a big investment. Then there’s the wife. And storage. And her kitchen. There’s finagling and tact involved as well. All of that is up front.

In the actual process of making your own beer, times and temperatures and ingredients all determine what the final product will taste like. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Then there’s the cleanup. The dregs of the first fermentation looked like green baby diarrhea. But it didn’t smell the same so it was OK.

So once we open up the first bottles of the first batch of homebrew, I’ll write a little blurb about the drinking experience. Not a homebrew review, but rather a post about that event. Then we’ll see what happens with ensuing homebrew recipes and episodes. We’ll definitely have some fun and those who opt to read the posts may learn a thing or two right along with me as we go along and brew more beer. At home.

images2Grow and drink along with us here at SixPackTech.

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