Definitive guide to Steampunk

3287537680_c151dd7daeAh, Steampunk. Ridiculously beautiful tech gizmos rivaling that of antique museum collections. There’s just something about the old, 19th century look of modern day gadgets that fascinates many of us.

Steampunk’s origins lie in the 1980’s and is the fantasy marriage of modern day technology and Victorian steam power, an era of mahogany and brass that somehow also transcends the microchip and LCD display – think atomic powered steam trains and analogue computers. In 2003, the film, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen helped to bring the genre into mainstream culture, and the chances are, even if you’ve never heard of Steampunk, you will have seen it.

Gizmotron has a great collection of Steampunk photos, computers, thumb drives, turntables, guitars, bicycles all get the Steampunk treatment.

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