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I gotta tell ya that I’m happy to be the webguy who runs this SPT website. I’m daily thinking about posts even while I sit on the pot in the morning. I’ve pretty much got the posting routine down pat, but I’m aware that unseen glitches may occur. I’ve made a few changes to the site this Saturday while I had the free time. I must say, I still like the PFoW and it’s nice having four images in the newly added Weekly Babes category. The PFoW is here to stay. Of course, you don’t mind.

The Man Law widget is back just like it was before, in the old format without ads. Thankfully, the guy is updating man laws on a somewhat daily basis. I’ve also added another link request to the Worth a Visit window in the sidebar. Check out the Manny Pacquaio site, a Filipino boxer.

A webmaster at a relatively new site wrote me about how to get rid of comment spam. I replied to him as best I could. I then took it upon myself to active a plugin showing how many comment spams have been blocked on this site by the wonderful WordPress plugin called Akismet. Way down at the bottom of the right sidebar there’s now a little badge with the number of crap comments that the Akismet plugin has blocked. OMG, that one feature makes it worth having a WP website.

With features in mind, I’ve taken some time to create (and subversively advertise) my own widget, namely the SixPackTech blog widgie which another webguy can put in his sidebar. It will update all six of our posts on a daily basis on whoever’s site so chooses to feature it. It’s just like the Man Law widget. And it’s free. Just like the bumper sticker which is also free.

WordPress has been updated to version 2.7.1 and I’m thinking of doing the deed tonight or tomorrow. A feature which has been been added to 2.7 was a very quick method of automatically upgrading. Quick and dirty. Without having to wait for Fantastico from the host service as before.

I’ve noticed that the picture galleries don’t offer the “view full size” option anymore. I upgraded the Nextgen Gallery plugin about a week or so ago and never noticed the difference until recently. I’ll strive to return that functionality to future galleries.

My homebrew beer is (sound like Picard here) sheduled for bottling next Saturday, and that brings up another point: whether or not to subject the readership to the details and nuances of brewing your own beer at home. As you all know, I can certainly ramble on and on about various subjects. But is brewing beer at home something you’re interested in? Rather than put that to a readership vote, I’ll probably pontificate on the events in the brewing kitchen and leave it up to you to decide whether you want to read it or not.

How about some hard numbers on SixPackTech for the month so far:
7,153 visitors | 23,877 pageviews
Browsers: IE = 53.21%, Firefox = 35.35%, Safari = 7.24%, Chrome = 2.11%, Opera = 1.16%
Visitors: U.S. = 5,216, U.K. = 436, Canada = 431, Australia = 200, Germany = 96, Sweden = 88, France = 66
There’s more, but it gets tedious after a brew review. I may never publish these numbers again. Let’s just keep it as a reference for the future.

Now for the self promotion: Get a free bumper sticker! A free sticker! Get it free! (You know the drill. Just look for instuctions in the left sidebar.)
Submit pics of you car. We’ll put ’em somewhere appropriate.
Submit an image of anything and we’ll put it somewhere here. On this site. On SixPackTech.

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