Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

picture-122picture-210This is another chapter in the Binny adventure we had a couple of weeks ago. The Binny expert, whose name I think was Wes, was instrumental in two of my three sixpack purchases at that fine establishment. My own first choice which was the Eliot Ness Amber Lager which we had last week. Today, we’ll be having a beer that Wes suggested. He said that this beer was not available east of the Mississippi but that they had a guy on the inside. The beer in question was Moose Drool Brown Ale from Big Sky Brewing Co. in Missoula, Montana.

moose-drool-sixWhat a great name. Moose Drool. Not as slap-in-the-face as Horse Piss or Monkey Sweat, but good enough to make one wonder just what the beer tastes like.

Interestingly, I mentioned this beer to Gail, the Beer Maven last Thursday during my visit to the highly acclaimed, world renowned Morris Beer Store. She said, “Oh yeah. They make four different types of beer. We should be getting some in soon.” So much for Binny’s guy on the inside, and you can see why I like the MBS.

As I mentioned in last week’s review, I lost the receipt from those Binny purchases so I ask your forgiveness in this blunder. I would say that this sixer set me back about $8.50 or thereabouts. On Thursday, I placed the sixpack of Moose Drool alongside the sixer of Rolling Rock in the fridge all accompanied by the protestations of my wife who claimed that there was no room left for food. I thanked her for marrying me and went on my way.

As Saturday darkened into dusk, wife and I spent some time at #2 son’s house. I got antsy to leave after about an hour because I heard the moose calling me. Back home, it was frozen pizza cooked to perfection (!?) and then some tasty refreshment. How about a little Moose Drool? Mmmm-mmmm! Let’s get going.

moose-drool-glassI poured the first bottle into a new glass, a Walmart special beer glass. The liquid was dark, along the lines of Coke or Pepsi. The foam came up to about a an inch and was a nice tannish color. A moderate supply of medium bubbles rose up from within. The aroma was slight and had a nice, dark malty smell.

The fist sip confirmed the maltiness. Not as dark tasting as I was anticipated, but a nice, robust flavor nonetheless. Sweetness was not apparent in the first few sips, perhaps it will come later after the beer sets up house in my mouth.

As the sips continued, the maltiness gained favor with my buds of taste. The beer had a very good feel in the mouth and the maltiness was not accompanied by the slug of bitterness like that of a stout or heavily hopped porter. The beer was quite pleasant to the taste and a nice deviation off the path of most other ales I’ve had. Subtle sweetness finally manifested as I got down to the bottom of the glass. This was really quite nice.

It’s my sincere desire that you experience the flavor of Moose Drool. Ask for it when you go to your beer store. (The facial expressions you may receive would be worth it.) If you travel at all, see if you can pick some up, especially if your journey takes you west of Ol’ Man River. But don’t kill yourself over it. There will be plenty more good tasting beer brands if you can’t find this brand. Moose Drool is pretty damn good.

moose-droolThe SixPackTech ratings for Moose Drool Brown Ale are:

Taste: B+ > Taste with no strings attached.
Smoothness: B+ > There is no bitter end.
Drinkability: B- > Mellowing out after 3 or 4.
Bang for the buck: > Unknown – but even if it was 9 bucks it would be worth it.
ABV: 5.1%
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: Ooh. It’s dark. Really dark. (sniff) Hmm. It’s smells like something. It’s not yeasty smelling. (sip) Actually that’s not so bad. (sip) Being so dark it’s not as bitter as I was expecting. (sip) It’s kinda caramelly. That’s not too bad for a dark beer. Got a weird name, but… (Just like Missoula, Montana?)

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