Weekly babes

Today we’re kicking off a new feature in the left sidebar and I’d like to give you a little background.

What’s the first thing you look at when you see a woman?

A. Butt
B. Boobs
C. Face
D. Smile
E. Other

We’ve got the first two covered already. Our new feature covers C and D. E is up to you. With C and D now added we have perhaps everything we need to get through the week. The new feature is the Pretty Face of the Week, or PFoW from hereon in. A babe with a drop-dead gorgeous face and whatever else is in the picture. Once you see this week’s selection in the new feature, you’ll know it right away. It will be good. So let us begin.

picture-34We’re kicking off this week’s PFoW with a lady who has the prettiest gray-green eyes and a smile which would delight every dentist who sees it.


picture-118This week’s BotW lady has heard a noise in the dark. Is that you?


picture-27This week’s NorN lady is kicking back awaiting your decision on reality or artificiality.


picture-25Last week’s NorN babe threw some of us but logic and attention to detail won out over all.


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