Are you gooder at grammer?

picture-16“Hey. How’s your grammar?”
“”She’s doing just fine after her operation.”

That’s not really what we’re talking about. It’s grammar, the syntax of language. Do you know the difference between your and you’re? There, their and they’re? Take this short quiz and see how well you do. I nailed it with a perfect score, but that don’t mean nothing. I ain’t no better then y’all.

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8 Responses to Are you gooder at grammer?

  1. fleetflatfoot says:

    Any guesses at my score?

  2. Educatedirish says:

    Probably 100% like mine cause we actually care about not sounding like uneducated dopes.

  3. Big Bols says:

    Me got %100.
    I’ll bet G sent an email to the webmaster explaining that, while grammatically correct, the wording of his questions could have been more elegant.
    Oh, and it pissed me off that I have to check the 31-40 box. Getting old sucks.

  4. Mr. Goodwrench says:

    I got 100%!!
    They say beer will me dumb, it are go good with pizza.

  5. chachacha says:

    Okay apparently I’m really stupid because I scored an 84% and I is usually very good at grammar. Well I know I got one thing right, FFF and I are STILL in the same age group.

  6. fcgrabo says:

    How is 84% “really stupid?” I remember back in high school that if I scaored an 84 on ANYTHING, I felt like a genius.

  7. Mr. Goodwrench says:

    FC… you can’t even spell correctly

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