Ultra Bigrigs

The backbone of America comes in the form of the truckers and the bigrigs they drive. If the trucks quit moving, the goods don’t get delivered, the stores go empty and we starve.

Truck drivers have a culture all their own. Tales of wonder and horror are told over hot black coffee at many truck stops across the country. Today’s trucker, however, is unique in the fact that he or she has technology at their fingertips and are wired up no matter where they go.

Some truckers take a lot of pride in their rigs as well. If you drive at night and see one that’s all lit up from front to back, chances are that that’s an independent driver with his own rig in which he is very proud of. And they are not alone. Truckers all over the world trick out and customize their rigs to be that one that people will remember when they pass. Have a look at this great bigrig pictorial.

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