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Jesus H. Christ, the site is filling up, ain’t it? Stuff to the left, stuff to the right, where do I look? Just look where you like. All but the legally blind will notice the widget stuff that’s been added to the r.h. sidebar. I kinda like it. And so did 7 others who bothered to vote in the poll I put up. But I don’t know about This Day in History. I may relegate it to the bottom and do away with the Nasa Image altogether. Or the other way around. Perhaps it’s overkill. A kid with a new toy kind of thing. But we’ll see. I do like the Muscle Car of the Day, though.

Readership is remaining steady. Thanks for coming back. That means that SPT, more than likely, is developing “regulars.” Like in Cheers, where everybody knows your name. (Sorry about the song implant.) On Wednesdays, visits drop off, but they pick right up again as the week goes on. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best. Every day is the best for me just because (once again) I love doing this.

WordPress 2.7 is coming out very soon. A new administrative user interface means a learning curve for yours truly. I’m up for the task, and I say “Bring it on.” It’s just that one second of upgrade choice on the server that puts one on the brink… “Press OK to update.” That’s the hold-your-breath time. If it doesn’t work, the whole site goes to shit. The WP backup system I’ve installed hopefully works on the server. Thank (insert name of your supreme entity here) that I haven’t had to use it.

I’m having second thoughts about the subdomain. It’s a bit more work and so far, it’s a repeat of what’s already here. Here is what you’ve come to expect. Here is where all the Brew Reviews are already. What’s the point of a beer subdomain? I may do away with it and carry on as if nothing is different. If I had more time, it could quite possibly become something special. I dunno. I’ll leave it for now and try to discuss this decision with someone whose eyes won’t glaze over when I start spouting web lingo, ifyaknowhatImean.

But could be the place where all things beer are touched upon. Howtos, brewing styles, favorites, ratings, beer news and so forth. Then, if things go really well, we could get into homebrewing and recipes. Then we could build roads, and bridges, and skyscrapers! Pfft. It’s all about time and how much of it is available. For now, we wait and see. I just may rechange my mind over again anew one more time.

I’m thinking of offering a “Readers’ Rides” photo gallery. Wouldn’t that be something? Send a picture of your car and I’ll slap it in a nice gallery with all the info you provide. A car, a truck, a motorcycle, an ATV or a motorhome. Doesn’t matter. But we will have second thoughts on Hummers, unless it’s super-pimped. Try me. Send a pic of your ride to now.

I recently purchased Photoshop Elements for Mac 6.0. Crymenies! That program does a lot! My buddy Eric, stopped by recently and gave a quick (2-hour) demo of just what the program can do. I have the basics locked into my little pecan brain and I’ll practice whenever I can. I’d like a melding of my wife’s head on the NorN babe. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same. This program opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for images on the site but it’s all based on the available time and the learning ability of the guy typing these words. Maybe I can do something with the photo at right, eh?

I’ll be shutting down the snailmail post box probably this week. There’s still an ample supply of SPT bumper stickers available. Free shipping. Gasp!

I have come to discover something about myself and it all started with the Friday brew mini-reviews. I am of the opinion that I seem to ramble with my words. I go on and on about the subject at hand. I had thought the same about the length of the Saturday Blue Collar reviews as well. Hell, just look at this post, for crap’s sakes. I started feeling a little down about this fact until I got an email from a reader who said that she mostly visited for the brew reviews. That sort of made it ok. A female who reads beer reviews? That works for me.

All in all, I’m happy with the way things are going so far. We got visits, comments, widgets, babes, cars, beer and a lot of potential looking forward. It surprises me how much I still learn about running a website and making it appealing to whoever thinks along the same lines as I do.

Thanks for visiting. Come back tomorrow, won’t you?

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