Old is new – the Excalibur

The Excalibur automobile from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the first of the retro contemporary classic or neoclassic cars. A prototype premiered at car shows in 1963. The body was fitted on a Studebaker chassis and used a 327 ci Chevrolet engine. It was a modern car with a retro look.

The Excalibur had a rather short tenure by automotive standards having closed its doors sometime in the late 1980s. As rare as these cars are, or were they somehow seemed to outlast other independent car makers such as Bricklin and Delorean.

Taking styling notes from the Mercedes SSK (shown at right) from the ’20s and 30s, the Excalibur had a most definite prestige factor. Many drivers and pedestrians would slow down or stop to look at one of these magnificent vehicles. It was unique and superlative among all other cars on the road. I remember seeing perhaps a half-dozen of them on the road when I was a teen growing up in Chicago. Even during its heyday, Excaliburs were rare.

During its short time, the Excalibur went through a few styling changes all the while clinging to that retro, prestigious look from the past.

Yes, these cars are real and were actually built sometime ago. Perhaps most of the existing Excaliburs are now spending their time covered up in multi-car garages only coming out for spin or an appearance at a local car show only when the weather is perfect.

Enjoy our Gallery of Excalibur coming up next. You’ll agree that the Excalibur is one unforgettable vehicle.

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  1. I owned a 1978 Series III Excalibur Roadster in the early eighties when I was the Sales Manager for The Steering Wheel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Maserati / Lamborghini Dealer On Sunrise Blvd.,) One of only 15 Roadsters built in that year !!! It was a rare color combination with a Silver Body, Dark Grey Fenders, Lipstick Red Interior with a Black Hardtop and Trunk !!! One Of The Most Successful Excalibur Dealers was Gerry Allen Motorcars in Fort Lauderdale !!! Excaliburs are very sought after and an excellent investment as well as a lot of fun to drive !!! JohnHollywoodPierce,


  2. fcgrabo says:

    You are one lucky guy. I’m sure that any car enthusiast would instantly turn green if you showed them a picture of you and your Excalibur.

    Thanks for sharing that with us.

  3. FunKoMaN says:

    Yes we would. But is sounds like you’re calling him out for a pic…got a pic?!?!

  4. fcgrabo says:


    JohnHollywoodPierce, send us a pic of your Excalibur!

    That would be so great.

    mailto: sixpacktech@gmail.com

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