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Something happened between what I was doing last night and today. For some reason, the permalinks got screwed up and I was getting a 404 error when clicking links on SPT. Nothing worked except the main page. Any category or archive or header selection gave me the 404. The panic sensation got ready to spring. Perhaps all the visitors were experiencing the same thing as well. GASP!

I checked the WordPress forum and found some semblance of an answer and made some changes accordingly. Still, some stuff wasn’t working. Just as I was seriously thinking of writing HostGator Support, I messed with the permalinks. Changing the permalinks would mess up all the other sites who link to posts that have been published here. I realized that. I changed ’em anyway. Things weren’t working quite as they should so I changed them back. BINGO! We’re back to normal. (Man, I sure hope so. What the hell happened? [Rhetorical question, not requiring an answer.])

Over this long weekend I’ve been tweaking the site and adding some doodads (hence, the aforementioned problems.) Since starting this WP endeavor I’ve learned a lot, but I’m damn-sure no expert. In case you have the Flashblock addon enabled on your Firefox browser, I’d like to point out that there are some new widgets that I’ve placed in the right-hand sidebar. We’ve got This Day in History, Computer History, The Man Law, the NASA Image of the Day and the Muscle Car of the Day. All of these widgies link to other sites when you first visit SPT. If they seriously slow down your load times or hamper your style in any way I’d like you to let me know and I’ll shitcan one, or all of them if they don’t appeal. Email is always good. I check every day, Scout’s Honor.

Better yet, I’ll try out a new polling system from a free online service called Poll Daddy that I found. MacDailyNews uses it with assumedly great success as they run a new poll about two or three times a week. It’s very simple, maintenance-wise and it opens up many doors for user interaction. I’ve placed a poll up in the left sidebar asking for your vote on what you think of the new stuff in the right sidebar. Take a minnit, won’t you? Let’s see if it works. Go vote. It’s just above the babes of the week.

With everything seemingly back to normal on the site, we carry on with our daily lives. I post, you visit, we both enjoy. If SPT wasn’t here, I don’t know what the hell I’d do with myself in my free time except maybe drive my wife nuts. Or move out to the Manly Garage permanently. In the Illinois winter, though, that would be brutal. That and there’s no place to take a dump. I’d have to come in the house for that.

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