Toshiba’s Timesculpture

This is one of the most bizarre, weird videos I’ve have ever seen and I’m sure you’ll agree. This is a commercial for Toshiba in which they “artistically demonstrate” their commitment to technology.

Watch this vid and get blown right out of chair. The soundtrack fits perfectly. Schizophrenia, anyone?

* The TV ad was shot using 200 Toshiba Gigashot Cameras: the highest number of moving image cameras ever used in a film sequence
* This particular technique, viewing looping action in 360 degrees, has never been done before
* The time spent processing footage from 200 cameras was over four weeks – 24 hours a day seven days a week!
* In terms of data, this is one of the biggest jobs a post-production house has ever taken on – 20TB of data
* New offline and online editing software had to be specifically built for the job
* Soundtrack is provided by Crystal Castles
* Integrated campaign to promote Toshiba’s new range of upscaling products – TV, DVD and laptops – that convert standard definition TV and DVD images to near high-definition quality

Here are the artists and techs who created the video. They look perfectly normal.


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