Site specific and a trip to Ikea

Another adventure. As I briefly mentioned earlier, my wife and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Ikea store in Bolingbrook. It was about a 40-minute trip and we only got lost once on the way back. Only after stopping to pee did I get my sense of direction back and we then wended our way, chortling pretty much all the way home as we did all the way there.

Our intention was to look for, and hopefully buy a storage counter for the kitchen. Our kitchen is so sadly lacking in countertop space that even the most expert RC helicopter pilot couldn’t land his craft next to the sink. With the purchase of a new spaghetti pot, we have overshot the load capacity of the microwave stand. There was, however, a spot across one short wall wherein we could provide space for some sort of storage countertop with plenty of room below. I took some measurements and off we went.

My boss, who lives in Bolingbrook warned me: the Ikea store is a maze. You have to traverse the entire store before you can get out. I’m sure that many people don’t like that, but as first time visitors, tourists, actually, we just followed the giant arrows on the floor. Eventually we came across the perfect unit. But, and that’s a big but, the wife said we couldn’t afford the $250 for this magnificent piece of contemporary kitchen furniture and wonderful marvel of Swedish engineering. She said, “Let’s wait until spring.” I replied, “Of what year?” Alas. We would leave empty handed.

As luck would have it, we happened upon the perfect addition to my computer desk. I’ve wanted one of these since I was in high school but could never bring myself around to buying one. There, about 30 yards from the checkout counters of Ikea, was an entire 4-foot cube, mesh steel bin of posable human art forms made from wood. They were all piled in one on top of another. I wished I had my camera. I grabbed a guy. Finally, it would be mine. Seven bucks, I couldn’t pass it up. I paid at the automatic checkout using all crumpled singles as the line backed up behind us.

All the way home we joked about how we traveled nearly 90 miles to a furniture store just to come home with “a little man.” My wife named him Sven. That’s him in the picture.

I am pleased to report that I am once again pleased with how SixPackTech is going. I had a little downer earlier when I started getting comments form normal sounding named individuals, but the comment that was left was a cryptic combination of upper and lower-case numbers and letters. At first I deleted them. When they continued, I researched and found a WP plugin that would ban the IP address. All is well. Readership is within normal parameters. Whatever normal is for that day.

There was a slight change of tradition in the daily posts. I used to title the Tuesday feature posts as Sixpack of pictures and put up six pictures. But I have so many good pictures worthy of being posted based on the selected theme for that day that I decided to drop the word of from the title. Now we have Sixpack pictures. Still relevant, though.

I’m thinking that, since I only post 6 comics on Thursdays, that I’d like to round off the week with a funny text joke. One we haven’t heard before. One that’s in tune with the theme of the site. One that you would remember and enjoy retelling to a coworker or friend or wife or lover or that one guy you see walk past your front window every day.

I personally get a kick out of choosing, posting and then watching the voting results for the Weekly Babes.

For a while, and based on the XKCD comic (go ahead… click it), I’m going to post some graphics in .png format. I’m hoping that all the browsers can render a .png just as they can a .jpg. Looking for more quality. If you have troubles let me know.

I will try to get multiple polls going so that if something relevant pops up, we can vote on it. Like the Zune Google’s new G1 Android phone, or something.

WordPress will soon be coming out with version 2.7 soon and with that comes another UI change and perhaps a learning curve on my part. I’m not worried. I think. The site’s web hosting service, HostGator, has been flawless since SPT‘s independent start last April. So has their billing of my credit card. And thus, so has my payment.

I’m planning on dumping the snailmail P.O. Box service I subscribed to. Since I started the service and offered up free SPT bumper stickers, I’ve had only one taker, D.V. from S.C. Thanks again, D.V. Maybe I’ll create a special offer wherein I’d foot the bill for envelopes and stamps and send out bumper stickers to whomever requests one via email. But not just yet. The mailbox is paid up until Jan.1.

Not so much of a rant this week, but rather an insight into my walnut brain. A baring of the soul, a tell-all, a confession. And as my penance, I shall have another beer. Then to sleep. Perhaps to dream.


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4 Responses to Site specific and a trip to Ikea

  1. fcgrabo says:

    You are truly my hero. I’ll put that pic up somewhere. Thanks a lot.

  2. FunKoMaN says:

    That is by far on of the best things I have ever seen. fcgrabo…have you ever posted a pic of YOUR beer fridge? Perhaps some of the recurring patrons would enjoy peering into what SPT is all about…

  3. fcgrabo says:

    Now THERE’S a thought.

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