Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

I kinda blew it at the beer store on Thursday, but rest assured all will be well in due time, I swear.

It was shite and briny on Thursday morn when I made my way through the portals of the highly acclaimed, world renown Morris Beer Store. I had plenty of time. All the Oktoberfest hoopla was behind us and I was in the mood for a “mystery beer,” one that I haven’t had before and one that didn’t have some seasonal tag on its label.

I scanned my way, left to right, down, then right to left across the craft beer shelves. Man, there were a lot of new names here I haven’t heard of before. Some of the heretofore unheard of brews had some hefty price tags, some even over 10 bucks. There were 4-packs on the shelves. More bottles with gold leaf foil wrappers adorning the tops. It’s becoming a classy place, I thought to myself.

Somewhere down on the third shelf, a name caught my eye. It was a Belgian ale. The price was right. I bought it. I brought it home and just before I stashed it in the beer fridge, I checked the label. What I had bought was a Belgian White Wheat beer, or Witbeer which was the same damn kind of beer I reviewed last week!

As the day wore on, I got to thinking. Hell, as much as I like wheat beer, I really don’t want to put off the readers and have them think I’m in a rut by reviewing another wheaty one for the second straight week. But before I go back to the MBS, I checked to see what I had saved from a few weeks ago.

Allow me to digress. There was a time, in between the Binny box and the trip to St. Louis on Labor Day that I had some extra overtime cash on hand. During one of those past weekly visits to the MBS I picked up two sixpacks: a review beer and an extra one just in case. That extra one got stashed for safe keeping.

That extra sixpack was now key to my peace of mind. It’s good to have a backup plan, a contingency. In the nether regions of the Manly Garage, I found that backup sixpack. It would be perfect for the review. I dusted off the cobwebs and chucked it in the fridge for consumption.

After a stint of O.T. on Saturday, I settled in at the computer desk to partake of some Bitburger Premium Beer, brewed in Germany. This was the backup beer. A little research revealed that this was a pilsner style beer, meaning that it was brewed to be a little more hoppy (bitter) than other beers. The price sticker on one of the caps read $6.99. Not bad.

I decapped and poured. The beer had a rather pale but clear yellow tinge to it and the head came up only minimally. But is it the beer or the glass? Who knows. There was a medium population of medium bubbles slowly floating to the top. There was not much of an aroma; just a slight hint of beer right at the surface. Lets swill some.

The first sip hit with a lot of taste and there was a nice crispness right before it went down. It seemed to be an almost perfect mix of taste and hops. By the third sip the taste smoothed out and the joy of beer came forth. This brew packs a nice flavor, it doesn’t taste thin, and it has a nice whang at the end. The flavor stays dominant over the bitterness. As time went on, the flavor stood forth proclaimed dominion over all, and its empire lasted through six generations of bottles.

This is a great sippin’ beer. Each sip greets the tastebuds as if they’re good friends who’ve been separated for a while. This should be the first beer to meet your mouth after a long day at work. Each swallow is a treat. Each successive swallow is just as flavorful as the first one. When you pour this beer into your glass, don’t tilt the glass. Pour it straight down the pipe and get all that flavor roiling. The foam in the head won’t care.

You should definitely buy this beer and try it on a fresh palate. It’s a great tasty treat for your body and your mind. After drinking this beer, you’ll not only thank the brewer but also that fabled unknown culture that invented beer over 2500 years ago. Glory, glory, ’tis a good day for a beer.

The SixPackTech ratings for Bitburger Premium Beer are:

Taste: A- > The taste rules. Not with an iron fist, but rather a feather pillow.
Smoothness: A- > Like when you get on a bicycle again after a long while.
Drinkability: B- > Save the last one or two for another slug to the tastebuds later.
Bang for the buck: B+ > Worth the price just for the taste experience alone.
ABV: 4.8%
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: (Sip.)… (sip)…”I find it a little bitter and drying. (sip)Yeah, I don’t think it’s as great as you think. It’s not something I would drink. Any more. Of. (I knew the first part was coming but not the last part.)

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