Ford introduced the Thunderbird way back in 1955 as their answer to the Chevy Corvette. After three short years the T-Bird started to change, or in my own opinion, de-evolve. It went from a two-seater sports car in ’55 to a four-seater in ’58 to a giant ugly gas guzzler in the early ’70s. By the ’80s, the T-Bird was just another name for a Ford family car. It blended in with all the other iron that was coming out of Detroit.

In 2002 the T-Bird was resurrected again as a two-seater but for whatever reasons, Americans were reluctant to purchase one. That was the dawn of the Hummers and Excursions and Escalades. Alas. The Thunderbird could have been a contender if only they had stuck to their original idea.

A great T-Bird gallery follows after the jump.

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