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World’s longest limos

Some of the stretchiest stretch limos ever to attempt a u-turn will make you pause, scratch your head and wonder what these people were thinking of. You could take the entire senior class and their dates to the prom or … Continue reading

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Robot beertender

Once you see one robot pour beer you’ve seen them all. Right? Nuh uh. This guy’s a bit different. He has attitude. He wears a tie. He’s not like all those other snooty high-tech bots. He’s his own man, um, … Continue reading

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Internet companies’ name origins

This has nothing to do with Star Trek… I just like the logo. Some other logos, like the one at left, have endured through the ups and downs of the Internet phenomenon. But where in the world did the likes … Continue reading

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SixPack of pictures (+1 and more)

Since all the little beggars are coming on Friday to test the structural integrity of your front door, you might as well make it worth their while by taking the time now to carve your pumpkin and nail it to … Continue reading

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Keg bot

Heineken has an interesting concept for packaging their beer. They’ve stuck it in a mini-keg that fits in the fridge without getting in the way of the burritos and baloney sandwiches and pound cake. Although this may be another example … Continue reading

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Top 10 sexiest aliens has posted their top ten favorite babe aliens from TV and movies. The best run the gamut from Start Trek, Star Wars, Total Recall and more. Take a gander at the female species of other races and choose your … Continue reading

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Antec’s Skeleton revisited

We talked about this unique skeleton case for your PC here, and we’re back looking at it again, this time with a little clearer set of eyeballs. We’ve found a pictorial, a kind of how-to which, for the most part, … Continue reading

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Rip Saw

Here’s an oldie but definitely one of my favorites. It’s not about another chain saw with a hemi or a nuclear reactor. It’s about about an all terrain dual-tracked vehicle powered by a monster V8 with straight pipe headers. This … Continue reading

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The head what ain’t got no body

A little shocker leading up to the big night on Friday. One (or both) of the entities in this video doesn’t (don’t) have a friend in the world. Pity.       (Bits&Pieces)

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El Camino – 50 years old

October 16th marked the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the Chevrolet El Camino in 1959. This vehicle, half car, half truck was Chevy’s answer to Ford’s Ranchero, introduced in 1957. Offered with 3 engine options, the El Camino soon … Continue reading

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Speeding ticket with a surprise ending

Although the cop does most of the talking in this video, the driver sits and steams. Wait until the end when the driver “gets even.”

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Video bomber

The guy in the background just can’t help himself. He’s gotta do it. He ultimately turns a news video snippet into a foot race.

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Hyundai Digital Genesis

This is quite slick. It’s the perfect meld of car and computer. A customized Hyundai SUV, outfitted with three Macs, an iPhone, an iPod Touch and much more was designed for RIDES Magazine. This vehicle is a traveling WiFi hotspot. … Continue reading

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Funniest Halloween costumes for this year

Yep. Halloween is at the end of this week. Maybe you’ll get off a little early this Friday to go trick-or-treating or participate in the company Halloween party. But you must have a proper costume form a store or rental … Continue reading

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AC/DC in MS Excel

Someone has put together a rather epic representation of a rock video using Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet program. I can’t imagine the amount of time that was spent on this project, but it’s pretty clever how one’s eyes instantly get accustomed … Continue reading

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Site specific

I’ve made a few changes around the friendly realm of SixPackTech. They’re are mostly additions to make navigation a little easier. You probably won’t even see ’em at first glance, but they’re there. First off, I’ve added a few more … Continue reading

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