El Camino – 50 years old

October 16th marked the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the Chevrolet El Camino in 1959. This vehicle, half car, half truck was Chevy’s answer to Ford’s Ranchero, introduced in 1957. Offered with 3 engine options, the El Camino soon took off.

In 1964, Chevy redisgned the car and instead of basing the model on the full sized car chassis, they built it on a Chevelle frame. Through the ’60s the engines got bigger and a few of them were built with the LS6 454 c.i. rated at 450 hp. Alas, production was stopped in 1987 when sales of the Chevy S-10 pickup started to outsell its bigger brother.

Elkies are still around today but becoming rarer as the years go by. Don’t forget the newest El Camino is now 21 years old. Rumors have been floating around for a while that Chevy was going to resurrect it but the closest we have is the Pontiac G8 Sport truck on tap for 2010.

In honor of the El Camino birthday, we’re presenting a great pictorial gallery for your enjoyment. The El Camino is a true legend.

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