Hunnert Car Pile-up revisited

We’ve had a request in the comments from reader Rich, to run some more pics of “rust buckits” from the Hunnert Car Pile-up. We are more than happy to oblige.

There’s something fascinating about these old cars that just reeks of that one feeling we pretty much all had at some point in our lives. We want our own head-turning hot car that has a great sound, a great smell and a kickass engine that will plaster us in the back of the seat when we tromp on it.

The Hunnert Car Pile-up hotrod show has taken it one step further: it’s okay if your car looks like crap, as long as it’s loud. And stinks. And leaks oil. It’s what makes it ours. It gives it character. Chicks dig character.

Another set of pics after the jump.

Click to enlarge.

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