Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

On Thursday, I made a quick dash to the highly acclaimed, world renowned Morris Beer Store with 2 intentions. One: get a review beer, and two: try a sixpack of that Old Milwaukee LIght. With the OML dangling from my 4 2/3 fingers I boogied over to the craft beer shelf. I started an eyeball scan of the inventory. While I was ogling, I could hear Gail, the Beer Maven scolding some sales rep at the counter. He apparently screwed up somehow and now, like all comers, he’s paying at the counter. He was silent, not talking. Head down in his book.

Caught between two acts of this unfolding visit, I was interrupted by a friendly voice. “Can I help you find something?” It was one of the ladies who worked there. I’d seen her many times before and she has become a rather nice fixture there at the MBS. “OK,” I said. “I’m feeling Oktoberfesty. What would you…” “We have this. And this, oh, and this just came in this week.” Wow. Maybe I should have grabbed a shopping cart.

The newest selection would work just fine. I took her recommendation and took the sixpack she offered. I had settled on Dundee Oktoberfest Marzen Style Lager from the Dundee Brewing Co in Rochester, NY.

I made my way to the counter where the tirade was still going on. Oh, this guy is gettin’ it good! The nice helper lady moved behind Gail and punched up the register buttons. Gail was still nonstop, a runaway truck on a steep downgrade with no brakes. $5.99 lighter, I headed for the door. I left there still hearing Gail beat the poor guy into the ground. It was great. I’m sure that when he finally left, Gail chimed her usual, “Have a great day” at him.

Saturday arrived a little crisper by a couple of degrees outside, so I took some time to gather up some firewood for the ol’ Sotz. After a chicken potpie supper, it was time for beer. (I was really looking forward to having some good beer after that pie. Jeez, it was all crust.) When the time came, I grabbed the first bottle in anticipation of Oktoberfesting the hell out of the evening and speaking with a German accent for the rest of the night.

The label on the Dundee bottle had a very novel twist to it. It read:

For thousands of years, fall has been a time of plenty ~ plenty of food and plenty of good brew, carefully crafted in anticipation of one heck of a party.

If summer is exercise, bikini diets, and baking in the sun; fall is recliner Sundays, cheese in a can, and basking in the glow of a robust, flavorful brew like Dundee Oktoberfest.

So in the fall, be full-bodied. After all, as much as we love bikinis, there is a lot to be said for cheerleader sweaters.

Amen! Can I get an “AMEN,” brothers??!!

The coveted pour. The beer poured up a light amberish brown (like iced tea) with about a one-inch head. Lots of medium and micro-bubbles rapidly rose from the bottom. The aroma was that of nicely brewed beer recipe which hinted to me that this might be one tasty treat.

The first sip unloaded in my chops with a flood of flavor. It was ever so slightly bitter with a real full body to it. The brew coated the inside of my mouth with an especially nice feeling on the roof of my mouth. This beer starts out hefty, full and loaded with taste, slightly sweet and ever so slightly malty. By the fourth sip, the head was a mere remnant of its former self. Just a slight sudsy texture remained on the top.

As the sips went on, the flavor settled in and then thinned out (like a Coke after all the ice melts.)  Nothing really pleasurable came back through my nose after the swallow. It’s as if the first milliseconds of the sip are full and flavorful while the beer is in my mouth, but the after-swallow is sort of a letdown. If they could have let it cook a little longer, perhaps there would be a more pronounced and lingering taste. Actually, the lady in your life would probably like this beer.

This beer certainly does not taste heavy or dark but it does have its own unique way of shaking hands with your taste buds. It’s a likable beer in that the flavor is there making you want another one after you killed off the first one. Maybe it’s just the way all Marzens taste, but I do remember the Michelob Marzen I had a few weeks ago had more lasting taste to it.

If you’d like, pick up a sixer of this Dundee Oktoberfest Marzen. Hell, ya can’t beat the price and it’d be worth a taste try. But if you’re Oktoberfesting in style, start with the Mich Marzen if you can get it. And it can only get better from there.

The SixPackTech ratings for Dundee Oktoberfest Marzen Style Lager are:

Taste: B- > Like a two-drop rollercoaster ride.
Smoothness: B- > A hockey puck on melting ice.
Drinkability: B > There’ll be at least one left for tomorrow.
Bang for the buck: A+ > A buck a beer. Sweet.
ABV: 5.5%
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: (Sip) It’s a little orangey. (sip) Not too bitter. (sip) Pretty good actually. (sip) It’s a little different… (sip) you don’t expect the orange taste. (sip) It’s not bad at all. (sip.) (Jeezuss, is there any left?)

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