People will buy this

Anyone recognize the picture below?

If you do, you may be a Halo freak. Or know someone who is. The picture is that of a plasma pistol from the game Halo 3, a video game for the XBox 360. Starring Master Chief and his minions and blah, blah, blah.

Now you can actually buy this weapon as well as the plasma rifle from the folks at Think Geek. They apparently have sold out of the pistol (!), but more are coming. The rifle is still in stock, and it’s a mere $130. I’m still waiting on someone to offer a replica BFG from the old DOOM series.

Yes, some people buy these things. Why? That’s another story.

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2 Responses to People will buy this

  1. fleetflatfoot says:

    This is no worse than having a collection of, say, replica Lightsabers. If it’s cool, kitchy and accurately depicted, people will want it.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    And no worse than matchbook collectors or those who collect WWII memorabila or smoking pipes or classic cars. Agreed.

    This is about fantasizing about being in the game.

    Then there are the Trekkies.

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