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We’re still cruisin’ along on WordPress ver. 2.6.2 and all is well. Saturday yielded another empty mailbox. Nobody sends me nuthin’. Not even a SASE for a free bumper sticker (Pfft!) but that’s ok. Life goes on.

Even though my hours at work have been changed from 4-12:30 p.m. to 2-10 p.m. I think I’ve successfully adjusted my sleep-eat-work-sleep cycle accordingly. It’s still a little rocky, but it’s been working so far these last two weeks. Just gotta accomodate the family for the morning bathroom routine. So far, so good.

Every day, I have managed to post the sixpack of posts that I’ve resolved to do. At the start of each day, I make my way out to the Manly Garage with a coffee cup full of tea bags (water jug and microwave accomodate) for the morning website posting routine on the garage MacBook. But it’s not really a routine, as such. It’s kinda like going to the gym. You don’t really look forward to it, but once you get into it, you’re glad you’re there. And it feels so good once it’s done. Yeah, it’s kinda like that. There may come a time, however, when there won’t be as many posts, or even none at all. But I assure you that my heart and soul is into making content for all you true believers who frequent these friendly, manly archives.

We don’t feature fluff stuff unless it’s pertinent to the criteria: beer, cars, tech, humor and babes. No politics, no sex, no religion, nothing about getting drunk and no jokes. We can get that elsewhere. We’re into horsepower, gigahertz, tasty brews and a little T&A on the side. It’s what I believe keeps us sustained on a daily and weekly basis.

As an alternative, but still pertinent, we feature a little education. Science and tech go hand in hand. The English language and how people use it often results in humorous results. Drinking beer is one thing, but brewing beer is science.

I’m always looking for ways to improve this site. Right now we have a daily readership in the several hundreds, from all over the world. Our Alexa rating is improving, albeit slowly. I ping Technorati every day after I post, and I’m so glad we have a few women visiting on a daily basis. Keep an eye on It’s presently under construction and eventually, soon, all the Brew Reviews will be posted there. It’s an HTML, copy-paste, coolie labor kind of thing.

Once again, let me reassure you that I love doing this. I had thought about the imaginary day when I didn’t have a website to post to. I can’t imagine, however, living like that. Not after this. Not after SixPackTech.

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