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Little by little, SixPackTech is gaining ground. A few more folks have joined the manly ranks on a daily basis and we’re glad to have them. Readership has increased and page views are out the wazoo, relatively speaking. We’re doing something right. We’re maturing before your very eyes.

I spent some time with one of my sons and his buddy last night, out in the Manly Garage. As is my penchant, the conversation somehow focused on SixPackTech and the endeavors that are invested into delivering the daily content. The buddy confirmed my suspicions that many employers block certain websites and/or content from being viewed on their computers. It’s true even for me at work. YouTube, MySpace (Pfft!) and other sites cannot be viewed because they are blocked. Many of you can probably visit here just fine, but some videos or some links that are used here, may be blocked where you work.

How long before itself gets blocked? Perhaps your place of employment has already blocked it. How sad. How unfortunate. On one hand, you have to understand that some people can spend an inordinate amount of time online. For any business, productivity is the key to success. Computer users who are distracted from their work by online temptations are obviously counterproductive. Hence the blockage. I can understand that.

On the other hand, one could consider that if one’s website was blocked by some company, that website is one that’s worth spending a lot of time on. It would be interesting to know if your workplace bans SixPackTech from its users. Leave a comment if that’s the case.

And further, if that’s the case, I would consider it the ultimate honor knowing that some of you guys and gals forego an SPT visit at work and make time during the evening hours to stop by on your own time to look and learn and laugh. I’d consider that, in itself, as quite productive and well worth the time spent.

So what’s coming? I heard that WordPress will be updated soon to version 2.7. Right now we’re cruising on v2.6.2 and all is well. A few quirks, but I’ve learned to expect them and compensate accordingly on the fly. I rely on my hosting service and their wonderful cPanel and Fantastico installer for nuts and bolts modifications and upgrades. I can never go back to Blogger.

I’ve happened upon a relatively new video source, Voshy and with help from their great support folks, I now have a way to embed their videos in posts. They gotta lotta good stuff there. Watch for it.

Now let me throw it back at you guys. Please feel free to comment. I have registration and all that crap turned off. If you have something to say, say it. Take the 2 measly minutes and speak from your heart. Don’t worry about your spellnig in any comment. If I’ve spelled something worng, let me know. If you don’t like something, let me know. If you really like something, let me know. If I have wrong information, or a link doesn’t work, let me know. If you have a suggestion, send an email. I’m open minded. Or you could choose to remain a silent user. And that’s ok. I understand. What I don’t understand is Swahili. And Greek.

Whatever comes, we strive on. We make do with what we got.

Free bumper sticker. (Pfft!)

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2 Responses to Site specific

  1. indygirl88 says:

    I’m glad this site has not gotten blocked from my work! I would go nuts.

    Was that “pfft” on MySpace because you have one & can’t view it…or because you hate it? =P

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I had nothing left to say, so I plugged the free bumper sticker.

    There’s no association between this site and MySpace. I’d like to to leave that to the kids.

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