Most expensive power cable

Furutech, a company that built its reputation on outrageously expensive products is now offering the “most sophisticated power cord” for the royal sum of $1800.

The cable delivers power so clean that you can perform surgery with them. What makes them so special?

Powerflux conductors are 68-strand ? (Alpha) OCC twisted around ?–conductor strands with a special-grade PE insulation or dielectric. (Alpha conductors are fine OCC wire treated with Furutech’s Alpha Cryogenic and Demagnetizing process.) The dielectric is surrounded by an inner sheath of RoHS-compliant PVC incorporating carbon powder that enhances damping, and that in turn is covered by a full ? (Alpha) conductor wire braid shield. Another flexible PVC outer sheath and a Nylon braid jacket finish the job.

Ya got all that? Yeah, me too. This beats out the $500 Ethernet cable we’ve seen before.

Better get two. One for the computer and one for the monitor. Oh, and you might as well get one to use as a leash when you walk the dog.


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