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SixPackTech is chugging along just fine, thankyouverymuch,haveaniceday. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet a little bit different day after day. Readership is growing. Slowly, but it’s growing. The site is maturing. We’re experiencing a little bit of peach fuzz.

How are you at public speaking? First, you have to resolve yourself to the fact that you are going to stand up in front of a group/crowd/throng of people and speak your mind. Then, you prepare your words. Then, when the time comes, you get up there… in front of all of those people… and give your speech to the best of your ability.

Blogging is like that, only without the group/crowd/throng part. It’s all written. Your main assets are communication, writing style, spelling and grammar. Oh, and content. Content is key.

The goal we try to achieve here at SixPackTech is in the tagline, “Beer, Cars, Tech, Humor… and a babe or two.” Each day we try to provide you with a little bit of all of that, so that you’ll hopefully come back for more of the same tomorrow. Stuff that makes you laugh, stuff that makes you think. To dream. To be amazed. To be a little bit smarter. To appreciate the fact that you’re a male. With a little T&A thrown in.

So each day we get up in front of a group/crowd/throng of unseen people and provide some hopefully relevant content to those who would read it, or watch it, without all the jitters that comes with public speaking.

Here at SixPackTech we’re all guys. We belch, scratch, fart, laugh too loud and are intolerable slobs. We love cars and drink beer. We are providers. We enjoy looking at a beautiful woman and we love our wives.

We live, we grow, we survive. It’s all in the content.

Did I mention T&A?

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9 Responses to Site specific

  1. indygirl88 says:

    Am I the only girl here?!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Don’t worry. You’re one of us. And you’re special.

    We enjoy your company.

  3. indygirl88 says:

    Holy crap I did NOT know that I was the only girl – HA!
    I do feel extra special now.

  4. chachacha says:


    Just kidding. ;)

  5. fcgrabo says:

    Oh, wow. SixPackChicks?

  6. Big_Bols says:

    I wouldnt call anyone a SixPackChick, especially in light of the old joke about girls being designed so you could carry them home like a six pack.

  7. indygirl88 says:

    Gotta love us chicks! :)

  8. chachacha says:

    FC…..we are the official SPT groupies!!

  9. indygirl88 says:

    chachacha – I agree! :D

    Where is fleetflatfoot? Haven’t seen him in awhile!

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