If at first…

Microsoft appears to have abandoned Jerry Seinfeld and the lame-o premise of commercials about nothing. They’ve come back with a new round of ads which are different and admittedly entirely watchable. The new premise is “I’m a PC.” But they’ve missed the mark again. Watch the first one.

By airing these commercials, MS has admitted that Apple is kicking their collective asses and making inroads into their market share. That’s sad. Once again, MS demonstrates that there may be no one on its payroll with a sense of creativity or imagination. Hell, even their software has been just that for years. In the commercials, nowhere is there a vocalized mention of Windows or Vista. It’s almost as if they’re ashamed to admit it.

These ads may be a step in the right direction but they still tell us nothing, even without Seinfeld. John Gruber of DaringFireball.net said it best in this terse statement, “Pathetic. So sad. This campaign (which feels utterly unconnected to the Seinfeld spots) might as well be titled “Please stop making fun of Windows, Apple.”

Another view and all three ads are posted here.

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