Showboating boxer gets his due

I don’t know any details of this setup in that there’s no ring or cage surrounding the fighters. Just people. Perhaps it was in a parking lot or some other clandestine plublic place.

The longhaired guy does his best to impress the crowd. His opponent dispatches him swiftly.


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2 Responses to Showboating boxer gets his due

  1. This is a sceen from a movie “Never back down”

    Watch the trailer, and you’ll see the long haired guy do a flip or two.


  2. Educatedirish says:

    The longhaired guy is a capoerista, or a practationer of the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. While it’s amazing to look at and unbelieveably difficult to learn, ( I tried) I question it’s usefulness to do anything but get you laid by easily impressed women.

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