Amazing beards

Men are blessed and cursed with facial hair. Society dictates the clean shaven look, hence the curse of shaving. Some guys shave evry morning and come home with a 5 o’clock shadow. Some guys shave every other day or hardly at all. I work with a guy who has to shave every 2 hours! (Pfft!)

Guys that have beards or ‘staches are mostly proud of them and they tend to their faces on a regular basis. For others it goes way beyond this, even. Beards and moustaches are transformed from an everyday statement to a work of art.

Check out 10 bizarre beard photos assumedly taken at a beard and moustache covention.

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2 Responses to Amazing beards

  1. kristin says:

    HAHA – The Cousin It beard is great! =)

  2. Educatedirish says:

    These are the manliest beards I have ever seen. They are indeed “all that is man”.

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