Boyd Coddington – R.I.P.

Most of us remember Boyd Coddington from the American Hot Rod TV show, a reality presentation that featured Boyd’s ideas delegated to his band of talented yet sorta goofy work crew wherein they built and customized one-of-a-kind cars for prospective buyers.

Coddington had been hospitalized in January 2008, shortly after New Year’s Eve. He was discharged, but was readmitted just a few days later to Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in suburban Whittier, California.

After being readmitted, doctors performed surgery and Boyd was expected to make a complete recovery. Unfortunately, Coddington died on February 27, 2008. His publicist, stated that Coddington was a long-time diabetic who died from complications that were brought on from a recent surgery along with liver and kidney complications.

Boyd has become a legend. His styles were clean and sleek and his billet aluminum wheel creations became an industry hit.

He will be missed.

Check out the gallery of some or most of his craftsmanship after the jump.


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