10 bad things to say to a tall woman

A tall woman can be a bit intimidating to some guys. Maybe we’re just not accustomed to looking up to a foxy babe during conversation. A perfectly proportioned but very tall woman puts us off a bit; we’re amazed, confused and interested. The imagination runs wild.

But hold your tongues, there, buckos. As much as you may be tempted to as her, “How’s the weather up there?” or say, “My, you’re a tall drink of water,” you must consider how stupid you will sound. And she’s probably heard all the lines a thousand times before.

For instance…

10. “You must be a model!” (This line shows that you’re not trying very hard, even if you clarify up front that you’re only asking because she’s really rilly pretty.)

9. “You can’t be 5′ 10″. I’m 5’10”!” (It’s one thing to lie about your height while you’re sitting down or on an Internet profile. When you say this to someone who has to lean down to hear it, you’re busted.)

8. “Is it hard for you to meet people taller than you?” (If she has to explain the bell curve to you, you might not be an intellectual match.)

7. “Now there’s a tree I’d like to climb.” (!)

6. “How do you kiss?” ( Or the skin-crawling subset: “Wow, I feel like I’m the girl!” You do realize that kissing doesn’t require her to use her legs, right?)

5. “I could eat my way to the top.” (Stop. Just stop.)

4. “How tall are you, anyway?” (Think about it: Whatever she answers won’t make much difference, except that you’ll look sorta insecure for having asked. Use some deductive reasoning and you should be able to guess within an inch or two.)

3. “How do you wear heels?” (Like everyone else: one foot at a time. She looks even better when she does it, shortstack.)

2. “It won’t matter much when we’re lying down.” (Only a fool would invite commentary on the inches that do make a difference during horizontal integration.)

1. “Do you play basketball?” (People don’t ask “Do you play professional baseball?” just because you’re paunchy and chew tobacco. Pay it forward by giving tall women the same courtesy.)


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