Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

I was thinking to myself all week about which beer I was going to choose for this Saturday night’s review. After the recent trip to that chain beer store (which, by the way, hasn’t written or called back with permission to run their pictures here,) I was eyeing the box with the remainder of that purchase. There’s an ale, two different IPAs (Imperial or India Pale Ale,) an 8-pack of shorties, which is also an ale and a sixer of Mexican beer that my work partner Miguel gave me.  When you look at the big picture, I’ve got 4 different ales and some Mexican beer. I just wasn’t in the mood for any surprises this week so I made my way, another time, to the highly acclaimed, world renowned Morris Beer Store.

I thought I’d just check out the primo shelf to see if there’s anything new or perhaps to revisit an old beer I’ve previously had buy never gave proper scrutiny to. I was bouncing between the shelf and the cooler a few times when I paused at the shelf and lowered my gaze. Blended in with the other styles of Belgian brews was one that I thought I may have had before. The New Belgium Brewery has some great beers and the one which I realized I had before was Skinny Dip. This other one is different. So I snatched it. I selected a sixpack of New Belgium Sunshine Wheat Beer. I have not yet met a wheat beer I didn’t like.

Back at the Manly Garage, I tucked away 5 in the beer fridge and read the label on the sixth a little more closely.

SUNSHINE Wheat Beer is brewed for year round enjoyment, using equal portions of wheat and barley malts. It is spiced with coriander and orange peel in the Belgian wheat beer tradition. SUNSHINE Wheat is silky gold in color with a spicy aroma and a subtle citrus character.

I can’t remember ever having any food laced with coriander so I didn’t know what it tasted like. A quick trip to Wikipedia and there I found out that coriander is more commonly called cilantro. My wife verified everything that Wiki said and added that she used cilantro in her salsa recipe. What the hell? So is this a Mexican beer in disguise? The wheat part and the orange peel part kept my hopes up for this beer but we’ll see.

In the late afternoon, me, my wife and our grandson took a trip to the downtown section of Morris for the Cruise Night they held. Lotsa great cars. I’ll put up a post with pictures this weekend. We came back home for a little pizza. And the time has come. It’s “beer thirty.”

Since I’m having a wheat beer this evening, I grabbed the wheat beerglass. Not to be snooty or anything but I need more practice pouring this beer. I reviewed the beer pouring video. Now let’s inject a little tech and see how robots pour wheat beer.

This second guy is a little more subtle in his pouring technique but there’s the obligatory swirling of the dregs at the bottom of the bottle.

So I tried it.

What a dolt! I definitely need more remedial training, more practice. I’m blaming it on the missing finger.

The beer (finally) poured up a nice bright yellow. There was a moderate amount of bubbles of all sizes. Interesting. The aroma was that of a plethora of ingredients, none of which came to the front. This smelled delightfully of a beer with some balls; there’s a lot going on here. The first sip made my whole mouth come alive. What a great taste. It’s a bit milder than Hacker-Pschorr but who cares. This beer has all the stuff.

As the tasting continued, I could tell that the middle part of the tongue gets the majority of taste but the sides play an important auxiliary role in the experience. As I continued, everything mellowed out into a wonderful taste, not spicy, not sweet, not bitter, but full bodied and flavorful. This beer is a keeper, right next door to Hacker-Pschorr.

The SixPackTech ratings for New Belgium Sunshine Wheat Beer are:

Taste: A > Settle into this like a beanbag chair.
Smoothness: A > Like a car fender after a waxjob.
Drinkability: B+ > You’ll finish all six and dream of the seventh.
Bang for the buck: C > $8.49. Won’t kill ya and neither will the beer.
ABV: 4.80%. In a nice range.
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: “Actually that’s pretty good. (sip) It’s pretty light for a wheat beer. It’s smooth. (sip) I’m surprised. When you said ‘wheat’ I was thinking bitter and heavy. (sip) But it’s not.” (“Bitter and heavy?” Hmm. She’s confused. I think she needs a little more experience.)

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2 Responses to Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

  1. Educatedirish says:

    Just an FYI from a food guy, coriander is actually the seed of the cilantro plant and tastes nothing like the deliciousness that is the leaf. It has it’s own falvor and pairs very well with orange, so I can see why they’d use it.

  2. fleetflatfoot says:

    Not quite robotic precision, but practice should help. I’d like to see that Russian bodybuilder pour one.

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