Lowriders are certainly unique vehicles. If done correctly a lowrider will embody the “pachuco” tradition which originated back before WWII in where else but California.

According to Wikipedia:

Lowriders were invented by chicanos originally unique to Mexican & Chicano culture in San Diego County, then became part of Californian and south-western American Latino culture as a whole. Some Chicanos in Los Angeles claim lowriding started with the pachuco and Zoot suit culture of the 1940s. The aim of the lowriders is to cruise as slowly as possible, “Low and Slow” (“Bajito y Sauvecito”) being their motto.

Today lowriders are everywhere. Regardless of make or model, they are guaranteed to turn heads. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re here to stay.

Hit the jump for some great lowrider pics.

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  1. chachacha says:

    Never before have I understood why one would want a low rider until being introduced in recent months. They are kind of growing on me…..

  2. Big Bols says:

    FC with a post about lowriders? After the years of harrasment? The times they are a changing…

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