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Here it is, the end of a most glorious day of summer. Robert the Bruce has his hands gently around my throat but there are words that must be said.

So… What’s going on with SixPackTech?

The good news is, all systems are performing within normal parameters. The new sponsorship, I feel, is a feather in the cap of what goes goes on here. The first tad bit of an indication that we’re doing something that matters.

WordPress (I’ve decided to italicize that word) is working just fine, thank you very much, and it’s such a step-up from the old Blogger platform. Kudos still go out to Google for providing the opportunity for anyone to start a blog. For free. I encourage anyone who wants to post their thoughts and feelings and to project their own unique personality to the entire world (yes, the whole planet Earth,) to start a “” like I did. It will teach you many things about Google, the Internet and yourself. The cost? Time. The benefit? Education. No matter how old you are. Build it and they will come. You will love it.

(incidentally, is still there. It’s just that this site’s reference to it has been deleted. You can still visit there, but ya gotta type all the letters in your address bar. Surprisingly, people still comment on posts over there.)

Our present webhosting service has been flawless so far. When it comes time to update the babes or to add a new WP widget, it just works. It’s worth the price. Sometimes, for me, it gets a little slow when posting. I attribute that to “normal” high daily business traffic which, I’m sure, bogs down servers everywhere, but it’s nothing like Google’s Blogger pseudo-eternal wait.

Purchased a snail-mail “post office box” for the site in case someone wants to send a dead fish or something. Don’t get any ideas. Check it out in the left sidebar. It’s not a true post office box, but rather a Ship & Mail service service store within walking distance from my house. Perhaps I may find a check from some obscure sponsor interested in taking us over or Google sending a “We Miss You” card or Yahoo, asking if I want to buy them out. I’ll check it a coupla times a week.

I’m deleting the “Interesting” tag because, I feel that most, if not all of the stuff posted here is just that.

I just wanna tell yuz that I really enjoy what has been created here. SPT is part of my daily routine. It is my one pleasure on a daily basis. If my day at work goes south, the day was still worth living. I look forward to tomorrow, when I can post again. Hell, I’ve told you guys in the past that even while I’m sitting on the pot in the morning, I’m thinking about what I should post when I finally get on the Mac and the Internet.

Things are going well. Ahhh. I enjoy what I’m doing here and it seems you are too. Let’s not get cocky, though. Microsoft is still in business and they have a lean and hungry look.

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