Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

Friday’s jaunt to the highly acclaimed, world renowned Morris Beer Store had one missing element. Gail, the Beer Maven was on vacay obviously on a mission to scout new beers and other spirits. Friday, it was just me and the Handsome Young Guy (HYT.) He was stationed behind the counter wearing a laid back Jimmy Buffett-style smile and his omnipresent ballcap casually tilted with the visor elevated up front. He should trademark or copyright that look. If anything made him “him,” it was that ball cap. I was surprised and quite pleased when he told me that the printouts of the brew reviews I give them every week are kept there behind the counter for reference. Nice.

I made my way to the primo beer shelf. What do I want? What am I looking for? Will something jump out at me again? How about something different. Wheat? Nah. Seasonal? Nope. Lager? How about a pilsner? Yes, that’s it! Pilsner it is. A couple more eyeballing moments and bingo, I found it. Check price, best-by date, bottle color, label statement (mostly in German.) All requirements have been met. I settled on this sixpack of Radeberger Pilsner imported from Germany. At $7.99 for the lot, it was back to the counter for payment.

One last day at work and a wake-up. Saturday was filled with another road trip with the wife of my life. Every trip is an adventure. We act like kids and discuss life. We laugh so much sometimes that we often get lost. The afternoon came and went and then after a nice evening meal of meat, dough, and tomato sauce, aka pizza, it was beer time. Time for some Radeberger.

I prepped my station out in the Manly Garage garage and grabbed the first bottle of brewage. Englassination (kinda like Fahrvergnügen only in English.) The beer poured up nice and yellow with a creamy white head. A medium sized population of medium sized bubbles percolated up. The aroma was mild and smelled nicely of beer. No skunk hiding in this woodpile, to be sure. The first sip gave my mouth a punch of flavor with just a slight tang of bitterness. After the beer went down, the hops kicked in and dried everything up a bit leaving my mouth wanting another sip.

And so the sips continued. The slight dryness manifested itself and then the flavor came forward. Definitely European, but I’m not an experienced enough beer drinker to nail this beer to Germany or any other country for that matter. There was, however, that familiar yeasty, brewing process taste underlying the sippage. Halfway through the glass, the foam gave up and all that remained was a white smudge.

Many sips later…

Well, was it worth it? Most definitely. Every beer is worth drinking at least one of. (Except, of course, Stella Artois, all of which should be dumped in the Yser River. Pfft! And they bought out Anheuser Busch. A match made in a purgatory.) Radeberger is a beer that should be tasted at least once, just to let you know that not all beers taste the same. Don’t forget, these reviews are merely my own personal opinion. Just like fingerprints, taste buds are unique to each individual. For me, the taste of this beer is like trying to part my hair on the other side. It’s different but it’s just not right. The hoppy dryness puts me off a little. But rest assured, I will have another, and maybe I might finish all six. In good conscience I won’t recommend this beer but I will recommend you experiment with your taste buds and try just one bottle. See how you like it. I know… let’s get Mikey. He likes anything! (Just showing my age.)

The SixPackTech ratings for Radeberger Pilsner are:

(Note: I’m adding one additional category to the ratings, that being the ABV (alcohol by volume) percentage. As a reference, Miller Lite ABV is 4.17%; Budweiser is 5.00% and last week’s Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat is 4.20% I feel we should all kinda get an idea of how our heads are gonna feel the next morning. As a source, I’ll be using

Taste: C+ > like when you met your little sister’s (or daughter’s) boyfriend for the first time.
Smoothness: C+ > a misfire on plug # 4.
Drinkability: C > like that one out-of-balance tire. You get used to it.
ABV: 4.80%
Bang for the buck: B- > small investment in a big learning experience.
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: “(Sip) It’s not too heavy. It’s not too heavy, but yeah it’s got that bitter… (sip) It’s not too terribly drying but ya get that… (sip) like biting into a lemon rind.” (makes a face here.) (You’ve made my day, Dear.)

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