“Rampage” Jackson has a brain dump

Quinton Jackson, aka “Rampage,” the UFC contender who recently lost to Forrest Griffin, seemed to have left his mind in the octagon. He got himself in trouble wit the police last Tuesday for fleeing an accident and evading police.

Driving with a flat tire believed to have been damaged in an earlier accident on the 55 Freeway, Jackson was seen talking on his cellphone, crossing street dividers and twice driving onto sidewalks that “caused pedestrians to dive out of the way,” Dondero said. “He was ignoring sirens, and ran several red lights before finally being detained,” with a shredded tire at 18th Street and Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach.

Dondero said there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs contributing to Jackson’s driving. “Why he did it, I don’t know,” Dondero said.

You must see the pictures that accompany this story. What was he thinking?

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One Response to “Rampage” Jackson has a brain dump

  1. fleetflatfoot says:

    Popular unsubstantiated rumor (and conventional wisdom) suggests that perhaps Rampage is a diabetic and was having an episode. Diabetics with extremely low blood sugar often exhibit signs very similar to being intoxicated, making detection very difficult. Their breath will also smell like alcoholic beverage, but with a much sweeter odor. I have dealt with many diabetics having such an episode in my law enforcement career, and I was even offered a 5 dollar bill by one diabetic who crossed the traffic lanes and plowed into a telephone pole.
    It is possible that Rampage hid his diabetes from the public in his fight career to both keep his opponents from knowing a weakness, and to avoid having a built-in excuse in case of failure. I don’t know if he is diabetic or not, but it would seem to be the mos logical explanation out there if he waqs not intoxicated. He did surrender to the police in a very cooperative manner. Let’s hope. I have a t-shirt of his I’d like to continue to wear.

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