iPhone – destined to become a classic

Why do I poke fun at Apple’s new iPhone when you all were under the impression that I was such a Mac fanboy? Although I own 3 Macs (with a 4th out on loan) I must confess that I have never owned a cell phone. (Gasp!) And I don’t foresee getting one anytime soon. I have a lot of contempt for those folks who drive and talk on their phones, or yak the whole time they’re cruising the aisles at Jewel’s or Wally Mart. I rarely, if at all, answer the land line phone at my house.

I look upon the whole iPhone phenomenon as such a hubbub. I agree that it will change many people’s lives worldwide. I also believe that it will become a new computer platform for development. But AT&T’s prices are very prohibitive and my lifestyle as it is today has no room for this new technology. The iPod Touch, however, is something I could get into.

So I present below an iPhone parody advert which has recently hit the Intertubes. The man in the video speaks the truth, with a little tongue-in-cheek humor. Enjoy.

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