Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

Overtime continues so I did my usual stroll into the highly acclaimed, world renowned Morris Beer Store in the late morning, before work on Thursday. Gail, the Beer Maven greeted me in her usual cheery style and I apologized for the lack of a printout of last week’s review. It seems that my Canon printer sucked a few ink tanks dry and I wasn’t able to get replacements. “Oh, don’t worry about it. Bring it in whenever you can.” I most certainly shall, my dear lady.

With this visit however, I had one thing in mind: give a proper review to the beers I had tasted when I first started out at the old Blogspot place. The very first beer I reviewed was Hacker-Pschorr Wheat beer. I wrote about 8 words on it. I have since given it a proper review (click the Brew Reviews button in the header.) There are 5 other beers that I plan to re-review and give them proper insight, all in due time. The one’s I have in mind (all tasted at the old website) are: Tyskie Gronie, Paulaner, Krosovice, Zatec (sheesh! All European beers) and finally Fat Tire which I remember today as one of my favorites. After that, my conscience will be clear and we can carry on.

Here’s a little worthless trivia: the first review I did that was actually titled Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review was on a concoction called Riggwelter Black Sheep Ale and it was the darkest, thickest, soup beer I’ve ever had. Man, was I green back then. The first beer that got review ratings was Sapporo from Japan. That beer was pretty good. But, I digress.

During last week’s visit to the MBS, I inquired as to whether they carried Tyskie in sixpacks. The helper lady assured me they did. Aha! That will be for next week’s review. Next week became this week, so I grabbed a sixpack of Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager, a beer brewed in Poland, and proceeded to the counter. I was surprised at the price. $6.49 for the sixer. I gave 7 bucks and received a few coins back as change. Neat. I bid fond farewells and made the trek home to chuck my booty (Loot! Not the other “booty”) into the beer fridge out in the Manly Garage.

The one thing that I was a little disappointed in was that this sixpack of Tyskie didn’t come in the familiar sixpack, cardboard, handled container that we’re all so familiar with. It had a shrink-wrapped, plastic slime-like coating to make for, I assume, easy transport for them to get it here to the U.S., but not so easy transport for us drinkers to get it home. There are no finger holes or a handle of any sort. Pfft!

The 4th came with a pleasant visit with family. Brats, dogs and burgers on the grill and bonding. Family bonding. Lotta laughs, jokes and just a general good time.

Now it’s Saturday night. Let’s have a revisit with a beer that I met back before my tongue became of age. Let’s have a second first taste. Into the mug it goes. The liquid is a palish yellow color and the head comes up thick and proud. However, the head bubbles are rather large so that may mean a short lived foamy top. But we’ll see. There are lots of great micro-bubbles ascending from the bottom. The head settled down a bit with thick cream on the top and minuscule foamy bubbles on the sides. The smell was great. It had a good beery aroma to it, with no hints of odd recipe ingredients.

The first taste hit me as a little different but not unpleasant. There’s a lot of flavor here packed into that first sip. This is going to be quite an interesting taste treat. The beer has a light, thin feel in the mouth and seems to make itself at home with all my mouth parts. The taste settled in towards the sides and back of the mouth. Each subsequent sip allowed the flavor to manifest into its full capacity. This is a great beer. Hardly any hint of hoppiness and no outrageous taste deviations are present. The beer tastes light yet hearty. I’d consider it akin to that great cup of coffee you’ve had at that one place a while ago.

With about an inch of beer left in the first mugful, the head dissipated to less than a quarter-inch but the micro-bubbles were still hard at work below. The flavor hung around until I drained the mug. I think I’ll have another. While drinking this beer, the taste became more heavenly as the sips continued and lasted throughout this beer drinking session. This is a really good, flavorful beer. It’s a beer beer. If you want to treat yourself to some excellent European taste, pick up a sixer of Tyskie. Highly recommended.

The SixPackTech ratings for Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager are:

Taste: A > those Poles really know how to brew beer.
Smoothness: A > let the taste live in your mouth.
Drinkability: A > a sixpack will do you right.
Bang for the buck: A > change back from 7 bucks. What more could you ask for?
Wife’s all encompassing opinion: “It’s beery. But not overly. Beery. It’s good. It’s not like some American beers that surprise you. It’s quite good.” (She’s starting to scare me now.)

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