So long, Bill

Today is Bill Gates’ last day Microsoft. The cofounder of the company is leaving (with a lotta bucks as you know) to devote more time to philanthropic efforts. He made a lot of money over the last 30-some years, now it’s time to redistribute the wealth.

I don’t hate the guy. I kind of admire him, knowing the history and all. What I can’t stand are the business practices that M$ has used and is still using to snooker the enterprise and Joe Sixpack consumer into buying the craptastic products such as Windows Vista. Live and learn. Enough.

We’ll hear more about Gates as time goes. Wired has a great article on him and his rise to prominence in the tech world. You should check it out, it’s an interesting read.

But what will become of Microsoft now that he’s gone?

Let the comedy of errors begin.

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