Site specific

I’m trying to get into the “deletion” mode when, come the week of July 23rd, I will dump the old SixPackTech.blogspot site. We’ve had some fun times together. And we’ve had some hair pulling episodes as well. Lotta cussin’ sometimes.

I really can’t badmouth Google and their Blogger platform though. It brought tons of people, including myself, into the wonders of blogging and all the benefits that came with it. Nothing makes one feel better than to put put one’s thoughts out there, on the Internet, before the entire world. Kinda like fishing in the ocean. Cast your line out there and see what nibbles and what bites. Maybe a minnow… maybe a great white.

SixPackTech has matured all along starting from day one. And the day that this website got an independent host the maturing process continues. Pics on Tues., a feature babe on Wed., comics on Thurs., PShop on Fri., Brew Review and more babes on Sat…. with voting. Absolute silliness. On a regimen. Perfect.

WordPress has its inconsistencies to be sure. I find that with this 2.5.1 version things are pretty sweet, but certainly not perfect. However, it’s light years ahead of Google’s Blogger platform. The plugins I’ve decided to use are working out quite well. NexGen Gallery performs a most wonderful pictorial presentation in clickable thumbnails. Akismet has kept away a ton of spam comments and I have a plugin to backup the site’s files. And there are others.

As I budget my time between work and play, I think that there will come a time when WordPress will someday become the quintessential platform for putting thoughts on the Internet. For right now, let’s enjoy the fruits of what we have here.

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