Thoughts on the site far

The learning process continues. I find WordPress to be so, so much better than Blogger. But I give Blogger due props for allowing me to cut my teeth on the world of blogging and content management systems. The infant has to fall down on his pratt many times during the early stages of walking.

I’ve recently acquired a new plugin that will, I hope, make our gallery viewing a lot easier. Perhaps you’ve seen it. If not, check it out here with the “callipygian” butt post.. Click on a thumbnail and look at the effect the gallery plugin has on the viewing experience. Some may like it, others may not. I think it’s great. How can a guy not like butts and great graphical effects?

Speaking of butts, I’ve given them their own category to make finding them easier. Starting with the above mentioned post, alas. (Why didn’t I do this sooner? I dunno either.) I really don’t want to go back through almost 300 posts just to stick in a butt or two.

Three more random headers have been added, thanks to my good friend, Eric at work, and that makes for a nice even twelve pack of random images to greet you. Each one hints of this what SixPackTech is about: cars, beer, tech, humor… and a babe or two. A little Apple heavy, I agree, but that’s me.

I’m planning on deleting the old Blogspot site on its one year anniversary. If you want to see all the old posts (and all the mistakes, bad formatting and dead links) go there before July 23rd. That’s when it goes away.

Being guys and our collective propensities toward babe-age, I’m still planning on setting up a “babe page,” accessible from the tab bar at the top, where all the BOTWs and NorNs will be archived for viewing pleasure. It’s just that I haven’t wrapped my mind around just what is the best and easiest way to do that. Right now, all the images are hosted externally. Do I bring them into my host, or can I create a nice page with the external links? I’ll be looking into that as time goes by. Be patient, though. It will come.

For right now, I’m satisfied. It’s easy enough for me to make the stuff I post look the way I want it to look. Daily visits are climbing. Other sites are linking here, albeit slowly. But what the hell, didn’t go solo until April 13th. I think we’re doing pretty damn good so far.

My biggest concern is whether or not the overtime situation at work will allow me to post the requisite six posts per day, keeping in line with the SixPack tradition which has established itself here.

I’m happy with the way things have turned out. It is my ultimate desire to make each and every two-thirds of you enjoy this SixPachTech-guy-stuff, beer-stuff, babe-stuff website on a daily basis.

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3 Responses to Thoughts on the site far

  1. chachacha says:

    I think it is working very well thus far! I am quite impressed there is something new and interesting every day. :)

  2. Big Bols says:

    I have to second chachacha…although mine is heartfelt and she is probably just brown-nosing.

  3. chachacha says:

    Thanks, Bols! Like I am so sure you would even say that!

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