Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

This review began a couple of weeks ago when I had a Friday off from work. I was traipsing the floors of the highly acclaimed, world renowned Morris Beer Store looking for a good first-time primo beer to review for Saturday night. While I was scanning sixpacks, I was thinking that I should also get some some beer for that Friday night as well. I really didn’t want to go back to the Manly Garage and swill some Busch Light, my “house beer” of choice. I wanted some taste. I wanted some beer that I hadn’t had yet, but was cheap. Who cares if it tasted like crap, it was Friday. I just wanted something different. With my Saturday Review beer in hand, I went to the back cooler and picked up a sixer of Labatt Blue. Cold and only 6 bucks. A buck a beer. Not bad.

That Friday night, boy was I in for a surprise. The Labatt Blue beer tasted so good I decided that it merited a “formal” beer review, written and posted to SixPackTech on a Saturday night in the near future. So on this week’s foray to the MBS, I bee-lined it back to the same cooler for another sixpack of Labatt Blue. And another 6 bucks.

Saturday night review time came around and I grabbed for a Labatt which was waiting for me in the beer fridge.

Right after popping the cap I filled up the ol’ beer mug. A nice head developed with medium sized bubbles. A whiff at the mug smelled mild and definitely of beer. The liquid is a good, strong, clear, yellow color, the kind we’re most accustomed to seeing with many very tiny bubbles making their ways foamward. The first taste had the boldness of flavor and a very slight hoppy nip to it. The beer felt light and thin in my mouth as if it was just passing through, but enough of the taste lingered to prepare the way for the remaining invasion. This beer has a pleasing flavor overtone that’s hard to describe, kind of a masked sweetness. As the tasting continued, the slight maltiness came forward and set up shop under my tongue. Taste after taste was like reliving the first bottle all over again. Good, flavorful and mild.
I’d like to say that this is a beer drinker’s beer, a “session” beer. The kind of beer you could drink all day and just stay mellow ’til the end. If I wanted to be different at the next family reunion or a large party with friends, I’d bring a case of this beer nicely icily chilled in the cooler. If I could afford it, I’d choose Labatt Blue as the perfect house beer.

The SixPackTech ratings for Labatt Blue are:

Taste: A- > a nice rendition of flavors.
Smoothness: B+ > slight hoppiness reminds you it’s beer.
Drinkability: A > the fourth is just as good as the first.
Bang for the buck: A > this taste at a buck a beer is a steal.
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: “Well. That’s pretty good. It’s not too bitter and it isn’t too dry. It’s beer beer. I like it.” (Yeah. She’s coming around.)

Here’s a little Labatt humor:

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